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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

Intellectual Property Management Department

  • Technology Transfer Management Section
    For the purpose of disseminating new technologies developed by ETRI and strengthening the technology competitiveness of the companies, the section conducts technology transfer contracts, collects royalties, and provides various services for transferred technologies.

     Image <Technology Transfer Management Section>
  • Intellectual Property Management Section
    Through evaluation and mining of inventive idea from researchers, Intellectual Property Management Section acquires valuable core patents from Research and Development projects. The section also contributes to enhance the value of ETRI's intellectual assets by acquiring essential patents related to various international standardization organizations and participating in various patent pool licensing arrangements with the essential patents.
  • Intellectual Property Business Section
    Intellectual Property Business section is responsible for commercializing and leveraging ETRI’s IP portfolio. The section focuses on increasing the value of the IP portfolio and generating revenue through a variety of IP licensing and transactions.

     Image <Intellectual Property Business Section>