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National AI Research InstituteMaking a Better Tomorrow


Introduction of Research

SMEs Innovation Center

  • R&D Manpower Support Section
    The R&D Manpower Support Section supports to dispatch ETRI researchers who have rich research experience to SMEs which have difficulties from lack of advanced researchers to support successful R&D and technology commercialization.
    The programs that R&D Manpower Support Team operates are as follows.
    - On-site Commercialization Support Program: A program that supports ETRI research personnel’s short-term company dispatch or business trip so that the transferred technology can be successfully commercialized.
    - On-site Research Personnel Support Program: A program that supports the R & D planning, technical consulting / guidance, technology development and business consulting by dispatching ETRI's full-time research labor company to solve the problem of advanced research manpower of SMEs and strengthen technical competitiveness. The dispatch period of the research personnel is one year and can be extended.
    - Long-term Research Personnel dispatch program: A program to support SMEs to grow as a “hidden champions” by dispatching researchers to SMEs for 3 years or longer.
    - ICT Mentoring Service Program: A program that allows ETRI retirement researchers to become mentors of companies and quickly resolve difficult problems that often occur in SMEs. The period of the ICT mentoring service is one year and can be extended.
  • R&D Equipment Support Section
    Common service infrastructure construction and operation supports small ventures using ETRI's common equipment and private testing facilities. And common service infrastructure construction and operation technically supports to small ventures, to gain a competitive capacity.

    1. Common Service Infrastructure Construction & Operation
    - Common service infrastructure construction and operation supports small ventures using ETRI's common equipment and private testing facilities. And common service infrastructure construction and operation technically supports to small ventures, to gain a competitive capacity.

    2. Technical Difficulty Support
    - IT small and medium enterprises are facing difficulties in the development of commercialization technology. By identifying those areas of technology, technical expertise can be given through undertaking intensive technical guidance, highlighting the company's technology capacity building and internal and external competitiveness on a global basis.

    3. Operating Research Equipment Sharing Center
    - R&D Equipment Support Section operates Research Equipment Sharing Center to help SMEs using Research infrastructure of ETRI at low price or free. To do so, the section established research infrastructure such as R&D Equipment and Test & Measurement base
    . (Test and Measurement Equipment Support) With the commercialization of IT technology in the development of small businesses that require expensive instrumentation, companies can use this support to help pay the cost, and research equipment for the diversification of equipment, as well as outside leased equipment.
    . (Test and Measurement Support) This support is for the development of SMEs in the field of high frequency and high frequency components and materials, and to support performance testing and reliability testing and analysis, as well as the reliability of parts and materials.

    4. SMEs Technical Counseling Center
    - We provide one-stop service to assist the SMEs that require various support areas such as IT-based counseling, technology market information, networking with experts, joint R&D, contract R&D, and support of test beds and equipment.

    5. E-Family SMEs technical support
    - To make SMEs as global hidden champions, ETRI provides technical supporting to SMEs such as technical and research capabilities in ETRI to high growth potential SMEs in ICT SMEs

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  • Technology Commercialization Support Section
    1. The Convergence Technology Commercialization Center (CTCC) was established in 2011, aiming to play a role as an manufacturing infrastructure. The center has a vision of enhancing technology-oriented product manufacturing conditions as well as supporting the successful technology commercialization of SMEs.

    2. Discovering Hidden Champions and Providing Working Space
    - The facilities contribute to boosting SMEs’ growth by providing sound working spaces as well as supporting services for the future hidden champions.
    - Prototype Production Service: Mockup, Mold, Injection, and SMT (Surface Mount Technology)
    - One of the central role of this center is to give a cost-effective and high performance prototyping service.
    - This center houses various facilities including working mockup, mold, and injection to provide the product sampling and manufacturing service. \\

    3. Test-Certification & Verification and TESTBED Service
    - This service focuses on the improvement of technical competitiveness of SMEs with the favourable test environment.
    - Test-Certification and Test-Verification programs are operated to confirm that the new products or technologies is developed following the Korean Standards.
    - The Provision of open TESTBED service includes Mobile Communication Device and Vehicle IT, Thin film Element, Cyber Hacking and etc.

    4. Operating ETRI Creative Lab for Startup
    - The ETRI Creative Lab for Startup is specialized in digital fabrication providing ‘open source hardware’, ‘3D printers’, ‘3D scanners’ and so on.
    - This Lab consisting of ‘Smart Workplace, Smart Office, and Smart Workspace’ to support maker-communities and pre-startup founders with an advanced infrastructure.

    5. Building an Open Technology Commercialization Ecosystem
    - The program supports SME to identify market needs and to successfully make a new product. It enables the company to gather and utilize dispersed intelligence, providing access to specialized skills for a sophisticated business model.
    - It contributes to creation of a market driven technology commercialization ecosystem based on a business – university – government partnership, which each stakeholders takes active part in the NPD process.

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