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ICT Innovatorleading the 4th Industrial Revolution


Introduction of Research

Informatization Innovation Center

정보화혁신센터 이미지

-IIC develops and operates “ETRIware” based on the institutes’s work execution. “ETRIware” is an integrated ERP system of ETRI. It consists of four sub systems:
1)Workflow system such as PMS, EIS, GW, ECM, and CRM,
2)Virtual server infrastructure and Quality control network to operate the Workflow system,
3)connections with external systems such as electronic procurement system, RCMS, banking system, tax system, etc, and
4)government ministries and administrative document distribution system.

-ETRIware has developed in 2014 and is under operations now. Its objectives were to offer ①web-based paper-less work environment, ②process-based life-cycle R&BD workflow operations, ③systematic information gathering/sharing/utilizing system for better R&BD competitiveness.

-Network is connected to quality-ensuring Flowswitch and building/operating several security installations such as Anti-DDos and UTM. The PMS(project management system) is designated as a major government facility and periodic inspection and evaluation, weak-point checkups, security updates and planning shall be executed by IIC.

-HelpDesk is on constant operations for efficient Workflow system and internal/external user assistance. For ETRIware’s 24-hour normal operation, on-line monitoring and maintenance structure are aligned to ETRIware, the ERP system.

-IIC will keep continuing VDI system’s expansion through trial operation based on Open Source. In addition, IIC tests the ETRI-developed technologies and applies into ETRIware so that the operational environment of ETRIware can be improved and functions as the developed technology’s references.

Informatization Innovation Center Image

Vice President Choi, byeong Tae