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ETRI Technology

3D Printing with Composite Materials

3D Printing with Composite Materials

Technology Summary

  • 3D printing eletronics is the manufacturing of electronic devices by 3D circuit's modeling and 3D printing processes.
  • 3D printed electronic devices are equivalent to the plastic itself with the circuitry (i.e., wiring and limped RLC circuits) not only on exterior surface but also within interior structures
  • Development of composite metals with a high conductivity, low Tmelt (< 400 ℃), various viscosity (10~10,000 cp), and various carrot (< 22 K)
  • Capability in 3D printing the composite metals (Cu, Au, etc) and polymers simultaneously by a material jetting(MJ) or FDM

Contact Info.: Su-Jin Youn, +82-42-860-5092,