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ICT Innovator, Creating a Better Future


IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory

IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory

Under the vision of ‘Global Leader for Future IT Convergence Technology,’ the IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory aims to develop core technologies, establish world-class industries and create the new business of future IT convergence.

To achieve its goal, the laboratory is developing a range of technologies, including IT converging technologies of SW-SoC, IoT, Green Computing, u-Health/Lifecare, Intelligent Robots, automobile/ship building, intelligent mail distribution and so on.

Vision and Strategy
Vision and Strategy
Research and Development
  • It is actively researching on the fields of SW-SoC convergence R&BD platform to innovate technology, value and infrastructure and create new industry as a national strategic position. To this end, the department provides a software platform as an integrated form of operating systems, middlewares, and development tools. The software platform has been provided to various fields including military, avionics, energy, automotive, mobile and smart home appliances.

  • It also works on SoC developments on the high performance embedded processor which is the foundation of IT industries, the ultra high definition video codec and graphic processor for the next generation multimedia services, the advanced T-DMB SoC and LTE femtocell SoC for answering the convergence of broadcast and communications, the smart human-interface SoC and its applications, and the digital RF SoC for maximizing the connectivity between smart devices.

  • It has the Seoul SW-SoC R&BD Center to promote the system semiconductor industry.

  • It has also developed core fundamental technologies, advanced applications, and services for realizing smart life and improving the quality of life.

  • It works on the Internet of Things technology which connects all things, environments and contents intelligently, and the smart green life technology to provide a smart, safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient environment to human beings.

  • It has been keeping at development of new medical equipments and devices, advanced medical SW, large scale bio, medical information processing technologies through applying of IT on BT and medical services.
    It has developed the core technologies df the IT based intelligent robots and cognitive systems and propagated them to the service robot industries to expand the robot market.

  • It has been actively engaged in the IT convergence of the Korean major industries and the creation of a new added value for the vehicle IT, shipbuilding IT and offshore IT.

  • In addition, It conducts dedicated research on green logistics and postal logistics technology with the aim of improving the national infrastructures of the postal service.

  • It has a Daegu-Gyeongbuk Research Center to strengthen IT R&D competitiveness in regional IT industry,

  • It carries forward a GigaKOREA project aims to lead the global IT industry by improving gigabits Wire/Wireless communication network and developing the advanced technologies such as next generation devices, SW, high-speed platforms, and contents technologies.

  • We will further strive to research core technologies and make them being commercialized in order to contribute to the development of new advanced businesses in IT convergence industry.

  • Senior Vice president  Kim, Jong dae
  • Senior Vice president Park, Jong Hyun send mail / T.+82-42-860-6490

IT Convergence Technology Research Laboratory

  • Quality Assurance Research Section
  • Research Cooperation Team
  • Future IT Convergence Technology Research Team
Industries IT Convergence
Research Department
  • Autonomous Driving System Research Section
  • Vehicle IT Convergence Research Section
  • Vehicle Interaction Research Section
  • Cooperative Vehicle-Infra Research Section
  • Ship/Ocean IT Convergence Research Section
IoT Convergence
Research Department
  • IoT Platform Research Section
  • Smart Things Communication Research Section
  • Intelligent IoT Device Research Section
  • Smart Things & Emotion Convergence Research Section
  • IoT sensor applications Research Section
  • Smart Things Cognitive Research Section
Intelligence Cognitive Convergence
Research Department
  • 3D Cognitive Platform Research Section
  • Intelligence and Robot Control Research Section
  • Human Robot Interaction Research Section
  • Positioning & Navigation Technology Research Section
  • Spatial Information Technology Research Section
  • Knowledge Convergence Service Research Section
Smart Green Life
Research Department
  • Real & Emotional Sense Convergence Service Research Section
  • Autonomous Control Middleware Research Section
  • Energy IT Technology Research Section
  • WPAN Application Research Section
  • LED communication Research Section
BioHeath IT Convergence
Research Department
  • BioMed Research Section
  • Medical Imaging Research Section
  • Bio Informatics Research Section
  • Medical Device Research Section
Postal and Logistics Technology
Research Department
  • Smart Post Research Team
  • Postal Address Information Research Team
  • Logistics Process Research Team
Research Center
  • Industries IT Convergence Research Section
  • Embedded System Research Section
  • Automotive IT Platform Research Section